Frequently Asked Questions

Q : “Can you insure collectible cars?” – Diane West

A : Yes, we have options for your antique and collectible cars. – Lori Kuehn

Q : “Should I have business interruption insurance on my policy?” – Rollie Hauser

A : We can provide business income coverage which in the event of a covered loss pays for extra expenses to keep the business going or get back in business as quickly as possible. This coverage also pays for actual loss income resulting from the claim. – Gary Hampton

Q : “Can Health Savings Accounts benefit our company and our employees?” – Waldo Farnham

A : Health Savings Accounts give the employer an option for health insurance that hasn’t been available in the past. After a review of your individual business needs, we will be able to discuss the benefits and liabilities of Health Savings Accounts to your company. – Beth Acevedo

Q : “Do I need an umbrella policy to protect my assets?” – Mike Kowalski

A : Homeowners are particularly vulnerable to lawsuits. An umbrella policy extends the coverage for your home and vehicles and protects your assets. – Gail Moldovan-Trujillo

Q : “How can I protect my family if I need long-term care?” – Dr. Chris Blake

A : The latest Long Term Care Insurance plans help you to protect your assets and maintain your independence when the time comes that you need coverage in your home, in an assisted living facility, or any other facility. – Craig McClain

Q : How can I protect my business from claims of discrimination? – Durinda Goodwin

Q : “How much insurance do I need for my new home?” – Andrea Gabrys

A : Aside from the value of your personal belongings, your home is insured based on building costs in your area. Currently building costs in Yamhill County are about $100 to $120 per square foot. – Brian John

Q : “Can you help me with my winery bond?” – Tina Hammond

A : Yes we handle all types of bonds required by OLCC and BATF (TTB). – John Fairbank

Q : “How can I get health insurance for my employees?” – Nicole Johnson

A : Call any of our professional team of agents and we can discuss a multitude of options tailored to your unique needs. – Dawn Miller

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