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Swimming in Expensive Flood Premiums?

You can choose between the federal policy through National Flood Services or private market insurance with Superior Flood.  Clients switching to private market insurance have been saving a lot of money on their flood premiums.

We Offer Lower Rates Than You May Expect

When the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) was instituted, its goal was to make affordable flood insurance available to people living in flood prone areas, instead of expecting the government to pay for the disasters.

Hagan Hamilton has always helped Northwest homeowners reduce their flood premiums through mitigation. Now, thanks to some FEMA changes, we can now offer even lower rates than before. Many homeowners have come to us, and with these changes, have saved anywhere from $700 to $2,400 on their premiums. We have and can help you find ways to minimize your risk.

Tired of having only one option?

FEMA has now approved the use of private flood insurers, so we have partnered with one! We are now able to offer you insurance through a different carrier and save money on your premiums.

Benefits to using a private insurer:

  • No elevation certificates required
  • Meets all six of FEMA coverage recommendations
  • Lender Accepted
  • Excess coverage available

Hagan Hamilton insurance was awarded the Agency of the Year by NFIP in 2012. This is an award only given to three agencies a year.

Are you a Lendor? Realtor? City/County in a flood plain? We offer educational classes on changes in the flood plain map and regulations.

Gail Moldovan-Trujillo
Agent | Flood Specialist