Life & Health Insurance FAQ

These are brief responses to complex questions. Please contact an agent for more information.

Life Insurance

: “Can I afford life insurance?”

: Yes you can. Hagan Hamilton represents many companies, there are a variety of policies that fit various needs and budgets.

: “I have a health problem. Would I still be eligible for life insurance?”

: Many companies will insure individuals with health problems. We represent more than 40 different life insurance companies and can help you find a policy to fit your needs.


: “If I have a pre-existing health condition, can I still get a new health insurance policy?”

: Yes. Because we represent a number of different companies, our team can help match you with the right company and policy.

: “What is a Health Savings Account (HSA), and do I qualify?”

: A Health Savings Account allows you to set pre-tax dollars aside to pay for your medical expenses. HSAs are available to individuals and groups.

Long-Term Care

: “Is it true that all Long Term Care policies are very expensive? How can I make it affordable?”

: It’s surprisingly affordable, particularly if you purchase the policy at a younger age.

: “If Medicare pays for long-term care, why would I need it?”

: This is a common misconception. Medicare actually pays very little – less than 1% – of all the long-term care claims in the country.

: “What does long-term care cover?”

: When you become eligible, it can cover a range of care, from in home care, adult day care, adult foster care, assisted living, and finally nursing homes.

: “What is the biggest mistake people make regarding long-term care insurance?”

: Waiting too long to apply so that their health changes and they no longer qualify. A lot of people in their 70’s have suddenly decided they want long-term care insurance at any cost but can not get it. The early purchase locks in the lower rate and, more importantly, makes it possible for you to apply and be accepted.

: “Does it cover Alzheimer’s care?”

A : Yes, it does.


: “What does disability insurance do?”

: It insures that you will receive a portion of your income if you are unable to work.

These are brief responses to complex questions. Please contact an agent for more information.

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