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June 2014

Adding of Agency Partners

HaganHamilton  StaffFiller 150x150 HistoryIn 2014 Hagan Hamilton additional agency partners were added as part of the plan to perpetuate this family business to the next generation.  New partners in the agency are Jason John, Brian John, Ryan Hartzell, Raedeen Schulz and Craig McClain.  Rick remains President, CEO and Chairman of the Board.

January 2010

Celebrating 100 Years in Business

HaganHamilton  StaffFiller 150x150 HistoryHagan Hamilton celebrated 100 years of business in 2010.

September 2000

John Becomes Sole Owner of Agency

HHweb Timeline 11 150x150 John Becomes Sole Owner of AgencyDale Moore retired, leaving Rick as the sole owner of the agency.

September 1991

John and Moore Purchase HHI From Oregon Mutual

HHweb Timeline 10 150x150 John and Moore Purchase HHI From Oregon MutualRick John and Dale Moore (one of the five previous owners) purchased the agency back from Oregon Mutual.

September 1984

The Toughest Year in HHI History

HHweb Timeline 09 150x150 The Toughest Year in HHI HistoryOregon Mutual Insurance Company purchased (saved) the agency & hired Mike Keyes as General Manager. All branch offices were sold and several employees lost their jobs.

October 1981

John Joins the Hagan Hamilton Team

HHweb Timeline 08 150x150 John Joins the Hagan Hamilton TeamRick John was hired as a Life & Health and Personal Lines Agent

September 1978

Retirement Leaves Company to Five Different Owners

HHweb Timeline 07 150x150 Retirement Leaves Company to Five Different OwnersBoth Hagan and Hamilton retired, leaving a successful company to five different owners. The country was in the middle of a recession.

September 1961

The Carey Agency Become Hagan Hamilton Insurance Services

HHweb Timeline 06 150x150 The Carey Agency Become Hagan Hamilton Insurance ServicesMr. Hagan and Mr. Hamilton purchased the Gordon Carey agency and renamed it to Hagan Hamilton Insurance Services. It was located on 3rd & Evans in McMinnville.

September 1953

Success Despite Tragedy

HHweb Timeline 05 150x150 Success Despite Tragedy

Gordon Carey, age 42, passed away from a heart attack. Two prominent employees, Merrill Hagan and Mike Hamilton continued to grow the business.

September 1942

New Name and McMinnville Location

HHweb Timeline 04 150x150 New Name and McMinnville LocationRe-named to Gordon Carey Insurance Agency, located at the current First Federal Savings and Loan building on 3rd & Adams in McMinnville.

September 1928

Retirement Creates Opportunity

HHweb Timeline 03 150x150 Retirement Creates OpportunityBecomes Beeson & Baker Agency.

September 1921

New Name Reflects New Partnership

HHweb Timeline 02 150x150 New Name Reflects New PartnershipW.L. Warren Agency becomes Warren & Beeson Agency

September 1910

The Agency is Established

HHweb Timeline 01 150x150 The Agency is EstablishedThe W.L. Warren Agency opened its doors in McMinnville