Grill tips 2 Sun’s out   time to fire up the barbecue

Summer welcomes backyard grilling – safely! Just like hamburgers and hot dogs, a sizzling grill is an iconic symbol of summer. Grilling isn’t just about memorable meals – backyard barbecues often create treasured memories and traditions with friends and family. Keep in mind that when you grill, you’re literally playing with fire. Thousands of residents each year learn this the hard way, suffering damage to their homes or even serious injuries in grilling accidents. The good news: You can prevent grilling accidents by taking some simple precautions. The tips below can help ensure you cook only your burgers — and not your house — the next time you fire up the grill. TIPS FOR ALL GRILLS • Your grill, whether gas or charcoal, should be on a level surface outdoors, away from anything that could be ignited by flames (bushes, fences, etc.) • NEVER use a grill indoors. Odorless carbon monoxide fumes could kill you. • Keep your grill well-maintained: clean at least once/season and check parts regularly to determine if replacements are needed. • Never leave a hot grill unattended or let children play near it. For specific charcoal grill tips, visit
To learn more gas grill tips, see the National Fire Protection Association From all of us at Hagan Hamilton, happy grilling, and stay safe this summer!