We are excited to unveil our new logo and branding!

If you’re familiar with Hagan Hamilton Insurance Solutions, you might notice something a little different about us lately.

Since 1910, Hagan Hamilton Insurance Solutions has leveraged partnerships with a variety of insurance carriers to provide our clients with thoughtful, customized insurance solutions. In fact, our mission of “solutions” has been a driving force of our business for more than 100 years. To align our visual identity with these ideals, we’ve employed the metaphor of honeybees.

Honeybees collect nectar from millions of flowers to produce honey – pollinating plants as they go. Hagan Hamilton Insurance Solutions, likewise, gathers a variety of coverage options from the insurance marketplace to create customized solutions for clients – all the while fostering symbiotic partnerships with both carriers and clients.


Much like a beehive, Hagan Hamilton Insurance Solutions is a humming, thriving community in which everyone plays a distinct role but is united in shared purpose. We are industrious, but also operate as a family – working toward something greater than ourselves.

The hexagonal grid used in honeycomb is the most efficient way to cover an area with minimal circumference or boundary. In fact, Charles Darwin described it as a masterpiece of engineering, “absolutely perfect in economizing labor and wax.” Inspired by this, our new logo features the convergence of dual hexagons – representing our commitment to togetherness, and the customized insurance solutions we offer our clients every day.

Same great company, with an intentional new look

Hagan Hamilton Insurance Solutions has been serving Oregon for more than 100 years – and our clients can continue to expect the same level of service, experience and expertise that our agents have always delivered. This visual transformation outwardly reflects what we have always stood for and believed internally – and we’re so excited to share this next phase of our evolution with you.

Keep an eye out for more of our new look coming soon, and thanks for being a part of this journey with us!