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Need help with your flood insurance?

We like to brag about our employees, and sometimes our customers do it for us! Here’s a letter to the editor at Albany, OR’s newspaper, which boasts about the helpfulness of our flood expert, Gail Moldovan-Trujillo.  It reads:

Not complaining

This is my first letter to the editor and contrary to what I usually read (someone complaining about something), I would like to give the City of Albany’s Melissa Anderson, Ann Rose of Oregon State Credit Union, and especially Gail Moldovan-Trujillo, agent for Hagan Hamilton Insurance Agency in McMinnville, an enormous thank you!

I love in North Albany where the flood plain is changing, and 10 months into my yearly policy period, FEMA changed my flood zone form an X to an AE, which took my flood insurance cost from $405 to $2,300.

It was the end of February 2016 when FEMA sent a letter saying I owed $1,900 that would cover me to the end of my policy period, which is April 30, 2016. The total of $1,900 is a lot of money for two months of flood insurance, wouldn’t you say?

With the help of these three women, I was able to come to a reasonable solution to the problem and I’m very thankful for all the help I received. Gail at Hagan Hamilton Insurance Agency is truly an expert on flood insurance and I would recommend that anyone who has to have flood insurance talk with her; I think you will be glad you took the time to do so.

Thanks again, ladies!

Margie Davis



Gail Moldovan-Trujillo

Agent/Flood Specialist